interview Questions and answers

Example Answer – “I am an accomplished professional with over [x] years of direct industry experience. My
introduction to the industry began after my time at [college] where I majored in [your major]. My time spent in
college was filled with curiosity, specifically regarding the [industry] industry and the nuances that go into
After graduation, I interned directly with [company] which allowed me to gain additional experience and insight
into the inner workings of the [industry] industry. This work experience only reaffirmed my interest in the overall
industry. Following my internship, I landed my initial full-time offer from [company]. My work there included [list
of responsibilities] and I was able to climb the ranks internally, eventually becoming a [role], overseeing a team of
six individuals.”

Example Answer: “Honestly, my biggest strength is my ability to persevere through hardships and challenges. In
my previous role, we faced many challenges when it came to [specific project you completed]. While attempting
to complete this project, we faced challenges from [list of challenges]. And although these challenges set us back
initially, I worked with my manager and team to ensure that the work was completed on-time and the project was
delivered under budget.”

Example Answer: “Speaking honestly once more, my biggest weakness is my insistence on perfection. I am
particular when it comes to processes and look to ensure that each step is completed accurately the first time
around. However, I have noted that this insistence can cause a bottleneck in the process. That is why I am
working on learning to step-back and trust my team and the internal processes and procedures to ensure the work
gets completed properly.”

Example Answer: “Based on what you’ve said and the internal research I’ve completed, your company is looking
for a [role] who has both interpersonal and technical skills. I believe that my work experience at [company] aligns
perfectly with what you are looking for, making me the best fit for the role. In addition, I am fluent in [industry
specific software] which I will bring to the team and company.”

Example Answer: “I have completed a wide swath of industry research, looking at both this company and its
competitors. And speaking honestly, only this company is able to complete and offer [specific item]. This ability
makes this company not only attractive to work for, but also ensures that a level of innovation and research will
continuously be provided.”

Example Answer: “My internal motivations come from working to create meaningful solutions to common
problems. As an example, at my previous role, I worked diligently to improve how customers inputted technical
requests, ensuring that their problems were met with immediate answers via a list of predefined, common
problems on our website. Knowing that my solution helped countless numbers of small business owners was quite
satisfying and motivating in its own right.”

Example Answer: “I began my time at [company] nearly [x] years ago. Since beginning there, I have learnt quite a
lot regarding the industry and the inner workings of the company. I have risen through the ranks and am now
managing a team of my own. However, I feel that my tenure has run its course. The challenges simply do not
excite me, and the opportunities appear thinner. And while I appreciate the time I spent there and the
opportunities afforded me, at this time in my career, I am simply looking for something more.”

Example Answer: “While I certainly wish I could see into the future, ideally in five years I will be managing a larger
team, working on an [industry specific project]. I have always been interested in [project] and hope to be able to
delve a bit more deeply into it.”

Example Answer: “Pressure, at any job, is natural and expected. However, for myself, it has always been how it is
handled which differentiates employees. For me specifically, I allow myself the time and space I need to collect my
thoughts. This includes simply taking a step outside and away from the job to ensure that I can approach the
issues at hand calmly and with refreshed energy.”

Example Answer: “My current manager, [their name] and I are extremely close. We have worked on a multitude of
different projects and tasks together and have grown to understand one-another. If they were asked about me, I
believe they would say that I am optimistic to a fault, motivated to a high degree, and enthusiastic to perform at a
consistent, high-level.”

Example Answer: “I appreciate your asking me directly if I have any questions. Before this interview, I conducted
thorough research into not only the company, but also this specific team. My question(s) for you are [ask a direct
question regarding the role, the company, or any projects which they may be working on].”

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