Chevening Scholarship


Chevening Essays are just one essay divided into four sub-sections.
One key aspect of writing the Essay is leveraging the STAR Approach.

⭐ Leadership and Influence Essay: Employ the STAR approach to vividly depict your leadership prowess. Start by describing the Situation – the context in which you exhibited leadership. Define the Task at hand and the challenge you faced. Then, delve into the Action you took, outlining your strategies, decisions, and the steps you executed. Finally, reveal the Result of your leadership – what changes occurred, how individuals were influenced, and the lasting impact of your actions. It is important to emphasise “I”; I did this, I reached out to etc.….

🌟 Networking Essay: Leverage the STAR approach to showcase your proactive networking abilities. Begin with the Situation – the circumstances that necessitated networking. Define the Task you aimed to accomplish through networking. Then, detail the Action you undertook, illustrating how you started connections, built relationships, fostered collaborations and maintained contact. Conclude with the Result – the positive outcomes that emerged from your networking efforts, such as shared projects, insights gained, or mutual growth.

🌟 Studying in the UK Essay: Apply the STAR approach to explain your decision to study in the UK. Set the Situation by introducing your academic and career goals. Outline the Task of selecting a suitable study destination aligned with your aspirations. Describe the Action you took in choosing the UK and the thought process behind it. Lastly, highlight the Result of your decision – how studying in the UK will enhance your skills, provide unique opportunities, and contribute to your personal and professional growth.

🌟 Career Plan Essay: Use the STAR approach to outline your career ambitions and how the Chevening Scholarship fits your plans. Start with the Situation – your current career stage and goals. Define the Task of mapping out a clear career trajectory. Discuss the Action you’re taking by pursuing the scholarship, your chosen course, and your development strategy. Conclude with the Result – your envisioned impact on your home country’s development, stemming from your strengthened skills, expanded network, and enriched perspective.

Remember, the STAR approach adds structure and depth to your essays, making your leadership experiences more engaging and impactful for the reader.

Source: George Tsitati

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